Strategic Insights Make the Difference in Critical Decision Making

“The CLC team has more than 50 years of business development and strategy experience at world-class companies that include Gulf & Western, Paramount Pictures, Young & Rubicam, Alliance Entertainment, Dell, and Muze. In addition to identifying, negotiating, and managing hundreds of strategic partnerships and licensing relationships, CLC has developed and executed preferred partnerships with a long list of top companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Barnes & Noble, Costco, Hot Topic, Wal-Mart, Sony,, E-Bay, William Morris, CAA, and others.

We have created valuable new revenue streams for our clients through affinity marketing strategies, event ideation and creation, consumer licensing, and retail distribution strategies and execution. When our clients need to tackle significant and challenging business issues, they turn to us for advice and guidance on their strategic options. Our senior professionals help internal business development teams at all points in the corporate life cycle. Chief development officers, chief executive officers, chief marketing officers, chief financial officers, owners, investors, boards of directors, and key advisors trust us to assist with a wide array of business challenges, including:

  • Growth Issues
  • Competitive Pressures
  • Management Changes
  • Capital Needs
  • Marketing Strategies

As business development executives, our goal is to help you acquire new customers and grow your business through partnerships, enabling you to penetrate new markets, as well as deepen your presence and impact in existing markets. For clients with existing assets, or business concepts ready for development, we structure partnerships that maximize the value of those assets and concepts. Business development partnerships come in many different forms and must be constructed specifically for each opportunity.

Whether the relationship is based on content syndication, co-branding, white-labeling, product development, third-party vendors, internet advertising, licensing, revenue sharing, or other structure, CLC has done it before, and we’re prepared to do it for you now.

Business Development Approach:

  • Strategy: CLC Enterprises develops a strategy that can maximize the value of your assets and/or services. We then work with you to target verticals, identify prospects within those verticals, and prioritize prospects for engagement. All of this is done with agreed-upon goals so that we have a clear directive and are fully aligned.
  • Introductions: Through our broad and deep relationships, we will target, identify, and contact the appropriate entities and set up introductions with decision-makers, in order to create mutually beneficial commercial relationships and transactions.
  • Structure: We will use our expertise to create viable strategic partnerships that maximize results and benefit each of the parties.
  • Negotiation: Once we have identified and agreed upon the basic terms of a partnership, we skillfully draft term sheets, facilitate negotiations, and manage the process to “get the deal done.”
  • Management: Regardless of whether you use internal staff to manage partnerships on an ongoing basis, CLC is available to support your team and your partners in implementing and optimizing partnerships.

Our goal is not simply to help you make more deals, but rather to help you make deals that result in long-term relationships and increased profits.